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Our Story


We are writers ourselves. We understand some of the difficulties authors may have and encounter in the process of self-publishing and self-marketing their works. Authors seek an inspired state from which to write. And when they write, they feel alive. Even if they could and knew how, many authors simply don’t want to spend energy transforming their manuscript into a print-ready or e-book-ready format. Also, most authors will prefer to have their books available through distributors as opposed to ‘selling it out of their garage’. 

So… we decided to help.

We started BabalonBOOKs in 2009 to assist small presses and independent authors sell and distribute their work.

In 2011, we began Self-Publish-Books which offered Print-On-Demand, Sales & Distribution and Book Design services to the self-publishing community.

Today, we believe we have managed to put together the highest-quality, most-economic, farthest-reaching means of bringing a book to life and to market.