Creating your book with us is easy! You send the manuscript ? You select the services & book type you need ? We do the rest!

All new title set-ups should follow the process below whether the new title being set up is for existing accounts already published with us or new accounts. A detailed description of our process is available for those wishing to know more. You may also download the pdf. (Right-click and select 'Save As' or simply click to open in a new browser window.)



1.  Read our website to learn about requirements and services if you haven't already.
2.  Get a free and instant on-line quote of what the publishing costs will be for your book project.
3.  Contact us with any questions.
4a. New Users should sign up for their free consultation.
4b. Returning customers or more experienced users can register for a new title set-up or BabalonBOOKS account on here; OR download the author registration form.
5.  Once we receive your form, your account representative will be authorized to send you the activation links via e-mail.
6.  Activate your account/new title by clicking the link provided.
7.  You may now Log-in to your Author Portal account and track progress on such things as your ISBN filing, print galleys and proof production, biographical and author information, book sales and marketing data.
8.  Your account representative will arrange for you to send your finished manuscript.
9.  Copy-edits and other edits committed if any. You and your editor 'freeze' on content and proceed to Design.
10.  You and your account representative work together on the interior and cover design of your book. 
11.  You receive proofs and mocks of the interior and cover of your books.
12.  Perfect / Tweak / Approve Layout & Design.
13.  PUBLISH & MARKET.  (Get all the details. See the full process here.)



These timelines are estimates as every book is unique and time spent varies greatly depending on services opted for, as in for instance, editing. Size of bars are not intended to reflect duration.

See the full guide.


We recommend using our Full-Service Method as detailed above which is offered at no extra-cost regardless of your experience level. However, we understand that everyone has their particular way of working. This is why we've opted to provide our authors/publishers an array of methodologies. Authors / Publishers should base their choice below on their habits, comfort zones and skill sets.


Authors should base their choice below on their habits, comfort zones and skill sets.


(Skill/Technology set & Level: None)

At no extra cost, your account representative takes you by the hand. You will e-mail/upload your manuscript and/or images for your cover, and your account representative will return to you with a design for your approval. We design your book cover with or without your own images!

Before you begin:
Make sure your manuscript is complete and ready to be published. Refer to the Tutorials section or contact us for any questions you may have.

Request your consultation today!

Work Off-Line: The UPLOAD Method

(Skill/Technology set & Level: Word Processor +++, Graphics Processor-for Images ++, Graphics Processor-for Covers +++)

SOME of our more experienced authors or professional publishers prefer to work on their own. They have their own way of doing things and have mastered their text and design processing software. They have meticulously selected their font, looked at margin structures and page layouts. They have designed their chapter headings and had a colleague or friend design the book cover for them. They have done all the requisite spelling and fact checks. Copy-edits are done and their manuscript has been professionally edited. They'd be flabbergasted if we touched their files. These authors will prefer using this method.

Before you begin:
Make sure you've reviewed the Quick Step Guide, How To: Working with your Interior File and How To: Working with your cover template file. Refer to the Tutorials section or contact us for any questions you may have.

Quick Step-by-Step
1 - Choose the sort of book you want (Hardcover / Softcover / Color Interior, etc.). For more information on our book offerings, please go here.
2 - Download the template package specific to your book choice. Your template package will contain templates for the cover and the interior of your book.
3 - Prepare your cover template and interior template until you are satisfied. Make sure you've followed the guidelines and that you are happy with the way you're book looks. (It's often helpful to print a couple of pages out and crop them to size to see how the pages would look in your book. See Tutorials Section for other tips.) Check for spelling and grammar errors. Make sure all images used are 300 DPI.
4 - Once you are absolutely sure you are done, you may upload your book cover and book interior files via your account portal or by contacting your account representative.