Professional book design is critical if you are looking to successfully market your book. You'll increase sales and readership by providing quality. For this very reason you should take advantage of our professional tools and services to design, edit and craft your work. Whether it’s a professionally designed cover or a manuscript copy edit for an e-book or a print book—if you are going public with your work, you want to make sure you get it right!

Our dedicated professionals have over 10 years industry experience and will be sure to make your jaw drop when you see what they can produce.

Here’s how it works:
1. We work closely with our authors on manuscript edits, interior layouts and book designs. Each change / proposal is submitted to the author for approval.
2. We design the interior of your book: layout, font, imaging, spacing, page numbering, paragraphing, and copy edit, etc.
3. We design the cover of your book with or without images you supply.
4. You will receive mocks / samples of at least 3 different designs and layouts. You single out the best one and we proceed to refinements.
5. The final design is submitted to you for approval. We repeat until everyone is happy. :)
6. We proceed to print / publication.

See for a small sample of current books designed by us.



Book Cover Design

It is distressing to see how much time and effort authors put into their writing to then neglect its presentation to the world and spend little or no time or resources in its design.

Next to editing, the design of your book cover is next most critical aspect of your self-publishing project. We are told not to judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help it. In any case, the cover, is almost always the first thing your reader sees, and often the only thing they see. Whether your book is in a storefront window, or on the Amazon page, it is your book cover that draws the customer’s eye and makes them glance at the title and decide there and then whether to pick the book up or click the link. The old adage in the book sales business is that the “book cover does your talking for you”. A good design will sell the book it covers; a badly-designed book will have a lot of explaining to do for itself that sadly has no relevance to the content of your work. Finally, if your book is to be put on a shelf, then only the spine will be visible. A properly designed spine with a graphic artist’s foreknowledge of the thickness of the book is best to optimizing visibility of the book title and author name on the spine of a book.



Book Interior Design

Is your book fast-paced? Reflective? Detail-oriented? In stanza form? Loaded with footnotes and diagrams? How many hours will a reader’s eyes be tracing your pages line by line? Readers today demand a comfortable experience from reading their books. Proper font choice and sizing, letter and line spacing, margin and paragraph indents can make reading a book an enjoyable, aesthetic experience; or make it a fatiguing, headache-inducing struggle.

To make a book a pleasure to read and an enjoyable object to look at it for all those hours, let our designers meticulously dissect the:

• text tracking,
• line leading,
• font size and choices,
• paragraph styles and indentations,
• chapter breaks and headings
• margins (inside and out) and page sizes
• title and author name headers and page number footers
• Title and copyright information pages
• index,
• glossary,
• footnotes,
• biographical page
• graphs, diagrams, and illustrations.
• Full pre-flight and pre-press check.