Using Your Interior Content Template File

The Word document we’ve included has been designed to fit the specifics of your project. Care must be taken in NOT moving the layout guides and following instructions properly. The layout, margins, headers, footers, gutters and page numbering have all been set up for you and must not be changed. (You may change the dimensions of your book, by starting a new project and downloading the appropriate template files).

How to Use

Step 1.  Make sure you download the template that matches your book size and type.

Step 2. Open the document with your Microsoft Word or OpenOffice application.

Step 3Copy / paste the contents of your project into the template. Be careful not to change the margin, header or footer settings in the template.

Step 4. Choose the font, text style and text size you want for your book until you’re happy with the ‘look and feel’ of your book. (see how to) Remember: This is a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) system, which means your cover will end up looking like your template so make sure you are happy with it!

Step 5. Get the total page count. (see How to get my page count ).

Step 6. Enter page count into project details page on the Self-Publish-Books site.

Step 7. Save your file as a Microsoft word document or OpenOffice document.

Step 8. Upload template with book interior into your Self-Publish-Books customer account.


OPTIONAL (for color books)

If you are printing a full color book with graphical content, you may wish to generate a pdf with your images embedded. If this is the case, then proceed with steps 8-10.

Step 9. Convert your file to pdf using our simple print-to-pdf application:  Download >> the print-to-pdf application here. Follow the menu instructions to install the print-to-pdf driver. (See How to install print-to-pdf driver.)

You can find more information on how to print to pdf using our driver in our Tutorial & FAQ sections. Please read our Color Considerations section carefully.